Core Values | Mission | Vision

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Stewardship: Manage and care for everything our members have entrusted to us

Team-driven: Have a “We” not “Me” attitude and approach

Results-focused: Achieve member’s goals and celebrate big and small successes

Ongoing education: Constantly learn and improve

Nurture connections: Be community leaders in health and fitness

God-honoring: Be a reflection of grace and giving

Exceed expectations: Create an unparalleled environment and experience

Radiate: Be a bright part of each member’s day


We are dedicated to the joy and success of our members. We will help them re-create themselves as healthy, active people by providing a welcoming environment and exceptional results-based fitness programing for all ages and abilities.


To stand out as Holland’s premier expert in health and fitness and to be profitable and sustainable as we excel at achieving results that make our members feel better, move better, look better, perform better, and leave each session with their head held high.