Hope College: Metabolic Strength (MetStrength)


Hope College Employees!

Join us for Metabolic Strength class, Tuesdays & Thursdays 11am or Noon at DeVos Fieldhouse.

The “MetStrength” class (previously called “Muscle Movements”) is open to Hope College faculty and staff and consists of alternating stations of cardio and strength exercises. We use equipment such as kettlebells, resistance bands, medicine balls, stability balls and your own bodyweight and put a special focus on engaging the core, activating multiple muscles at once and moving in different directions to be functional for everyday life movements. Come burn calories and increase the strength of your heart, lungs and muscles! This class is open to all levels of fitness, as modifications (easier or more difficult) can be made to challenge you appropriately.

Rate is $59 per month* with a semester-long (4-month) commitment or $10 drop-in, due day-of. If you’re brand-new, feel free to drop in to your first class for free to try it out!

For current schedule and to sign up, contact Mike: mike@valeotraining.com

*This class is a perfect complement to Semi-Private training sessions and is included in our 1x, 2x, and 3x programs.