Who Trains With Valeo?


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Here at Valeo, we say we make people fit for sport and everyday life.

Check out who makes up our fitness family!


Our Valeo clients are usually interested in dropping a few pounds and keeping their bodies young and in good working condition for playing with their children or grandchildren and excelling in their favorite past times. Some are business executives wanting to undo the stress of a long day sitting at their desk. Many are empty-nesters who want to enjoy their days feeling fabulous, not frumpy. Many are brand-new to exercise and find comfort knowing that we meet them where they are and show them step-by-step how to move their body effectively. Some want to eliminate aches and pains that have followed them for far too long and most want to increase their muscle tone and fine-tune their physique, knowing that strong is the new skinny. Nearly all know that exercise is good, but without a trainer, lack the scheduled time, energy or understanding of how to actually make it a part of their life. We are their accountability. We are their ah-ha moment, their catalysts for a strong, powerful, effective (VALEO) “everyday life” person.


Our Valeo clients are also athletes. Some are weekend warriors who want to stay a step ahead of the guys at work during open gym basketball. Some are high school sport standouts with their eye on national championships and Olympic teams. Many have the fundamentals of exercise deep in their bones, but are looking for strategic programming to keep them peaking at the right time. Nearly all would say their biggest competitor is their self and they value a trainer who can use that discipline and drive to push themselves past what even they knew was possible. Many of our runners, cyclists, triathletes, cyclocross racers, swimmers, la crosse players, soccer stars, volleyball standouts, hikers and outdoorsmen and women want to stay injury-free and want the most from a workout, without the risk of overtraining. These athletes spend the majority of their time developing their endurance and cardiovascular health on their own, but don’t necessarily know how to add an element of strength and power into their regimen that will give them an advantage at their next race or event. Some never knew how strong an athlete lived inside them until after a Valeo session that left them with their head a little higher. We are their missing link, their revelation of a strong, powerful, effective (VALEO) recreational or competitive athlete.

Do either of these sound like you?!

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