Word On The Street

We’re honored to be helping people in the Holland community change their lives through implementing healthy lifestyles.

See what they’re saying:

“Valeo will work with you right where you are and will build your strength slowly. I’ve lost weight and gained muscle and it’s been so worth it.

I feel like I’m getting my body and my life back.”



“I really really like my trainer (Mike) and here’s why….
– he doesn’t put up with my BS excuses
– he constantly expects me to push myself
– he’s encouraging, without being condescending
– he listens to me & my goals
– he gives praise when it’s earned — not just all the time
– he’s punctual, prepared, professional
– he has a good sense of humor
– he’s very fit and strong and energetic
– he’s very knowledgeable about fitness from all fitness levels  – good educational background
– he’s timely with invoices, communication
– he’s willing to reschedule when necessary (fairly flexible hours)
– he always switches up the workouts – variety is great
– he brings fun music”


“As a former professional athlete, I always had exposure to the latest and greatest fitness techniques and programs, but the many years of competitive sports have taken its toll on me. Lower back pain, hip joint pain, and knee problems have been the result. I have always been and still am an avid weightlifter, thinking more muscle would ail my aches and pains. Through word of mouth, I contacted Jessica for a consultation. She took the time to really listen to my concerns and answer all of the questions I had.  Jessica’s knowledge of the human body was overwhelming, so I decided to give it a shot. She designed a specific program to target the areas of concern and it wasn’t long before I became a believer. Her unique program which focused on specific core movements as well as strength training proved to be the answer I had been searching for. As a result, I can know go about my daily activities, including sports, PAIN FREE. It’s been 20 years since I have felt this fit and in shape…I recommend her to everyone I know!”
~ Dan

“Had a friend recommend Valeo and I am so glad I took her up on that recommendation. LOVE DEE. She is the best. Having never exercised in my life I had and have so many fears however, she is kind, empathetic and still kicks my butt! I’m now on my 3rd week of twice a week with her. Laughter is part of our together time and I’m glad for that. Love the small, intimate feel of the place (don’t ever lose that) and the one on one encouragement. Worth every penny….”


“I have been working with Mike and Jessica for about a year in the Muscle Movements class offered at Hope College.  It has been a wonderful experience and has helped me tremendously in my overall fitness.  I have more strength in my core and upper body than any other time in my life and I can feel the difference every day; whether it’s toting my children around, maintaining good posture at my desk, or training for half marathons.  The community and fun atmosphere of the group of women who work out together is great, too.  We are at various fitness levels, but the structure of the class allows us to tailor the exercises to our individual abilities.  We all get a really good work out!  Mike is a fun and energetic instructor who encourages us to push ourselves to be healthier and stronger.  The class is a highlight of my week!”

“I have never enjoyed exercising and in truth, had never really done it.  As a consequence I have never been in shape.  After having a child and passing the age of 30 my metabolism crashed and I could no longer be as active as I wanted and decided I needed a change. Dereck was a fantastic trainer who motivated me without being over-the-top and condescending.  He was respectful and most importantly met me at my level and worked from there.  In the beginning I could not do even basic movement correctly. Dereck never made me feel bad about this and never expected me to know things, instead he showed them and worked with me until I had it.  He also moved me ahead gradually but with purpose and challenged me without overwhelming me.  In 12 weeks I was stronger than I had ever been, went down 2 pants sizes and had to buy all new clothes (an added benefit).  I have more control over my body, sleep better, and am able to do things like with ease that used to be a struggle both in the gym and in my day-to-day life.  I love my time  with Dereck at Valeo / Personal Training.”


“After being frustrated with my weight and feeling a frozen shoulder creeping back up I decided to do something I always wanted; hire a personal trainer. I was referred to Ashley and met for a free consultation. It was very apparent after that initial meeting that Ashley was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, conscientious, and a good “fit” for my needs; I just didn’t realize at the time how life changing working with her would be. Do I like working out? Not really. Are there days I’d like to just quit and eat a bag of potato chips? Definitely. Do I like everything we do? Not particularly. What I do know is that I like how my body feels and that slowly and with her encouragement and wisdom I am also beginning to like how my body looks. We are working on balance, strength, corrective exercise and weight loss and without her expertise I would never be able to accomplish such goals. Ashley has designed a program specific to my needs (and aches and pains), she is punctual, prepared and professional with excellent follow-up and communication… did I mention friendly and outgoing too?!

She is the “whole package” and is committed to helping me take care of my personal health and fitness. Can’t ask for more than that!”


“A scary call from my doctor’s office brought me to Valeo – words like “high blood pressure” and “high cholesterol levels” got my attention and set me into motion.  Mike evaluated my fitness level and body composition and set reasonable yet challenging goals to accomplish over the first eight weeks.  Never in a million years did I think after just a few months that I would look forward to hitting the gym early in the morning, but Mike makes working out fun while coaching me through demanding circuits.  He crafts workouts that are always new and challenging even as my fitness improves and those improvements in my abilities have been nothing short of startling with strength and stamina that I haven’t had in twenty years.

In the three months I’ve trained with Mike, the physical changes have been remarkable but even more remarkable are the changes in my energy, attitude, and fitness habits over that time.  I’ve realized I have two options – either maintain my current good health habits or relapse into complacency and start this journey all over again.  The choice seems clear to me and Mike has given me the tools to be successful and fit for a lifetime!”


“Jessica Luepke is an exceptional personal trainer. I have worked out with several other trainers and, while each one of them had their strengths, Jessica surpasses them with her ability to incorporate functional training with a “can-do” attitude. She is encouraging, knowledgeable and committed to making sure I have the most effective work out…and that I have fun in the process.”

~ Anne

“I’m not an athlete.  I never lifted weights at a gym.  I am a 43 year old recently divorced, stressed-out, accountant.  I was fatigued; my doctor kept prescribing different medications that didn’t seem to help.   I was depressed over my unexpected divorce.  I lost the strength to play with my kids.  I’m too cheap to pay for a personal trainer, but I struggled to make changes needed in my life.  So, I hired Mike to be my personal trainer.  The initial biggest change wasn’t even physical, it was mental.  I started to feel more alert.  I had greater energy; my fatigue diminished.  After five months I lost 25 pounds.  My complete body strength improved remarkably.  I can lift my 12 and 13-year old daughters over my head like I did eight years ago.  My doctor can’t believe that I cut my Paxil dosage in half.  I am hooked on Mike’s personal training.  I’m afraid to stop because my life has become so much better.”


“January of 2010 I was introduced to Valeo Personal Training through the Hope College “Winning By Losing” program. Little did I know a long term relationship was in the works. I was way overweight, unhealthy and never did a regular workout . I wasn’t in any sports at all ever, unless you want to call bowling a sport.

I have to say I was very cautious at first and was not sure what to think, but after the first meeting with Mike all those thoughts disappeared. The care that Mike took in starting me where I was and learning right away what I was capable of helped teach me what I needed to do to get to a healthy lifestyle. Fast forward to today, under the tutelage of Mike Luepke, my personal trainer, I am in the best shape of my life. Mike will say it is all me, but I disagree. If it wasn’t for Mike pushing my limits and keeping the workouts challenging and fun. It keeps me going forward wanting to continue and improve.

June 5 2010, I ran my very first 5k ever. That was an exciting day. Aug of 2010 Jessica Luepke, challenged my to try the Saugatuck Dunes Duathlon, A 5 mile trail run and 17 mile bike race. I kinda thought she was nuts, but it turned out they knew me better than I knew myself. I did the race in Sept. I finished the whole thing. I never in the world thought I could do anything like that.

April 2011 my 50th birthday, I ran 21 miles from Holland to Grand Haven, My wife met me with my bike and I biked 29 miles back home. 50 miles on my 50th birthday.

I have had the opportunity to talk to 6 health dynamics classes at Hope College about my lifestyle change. These doors would have never opened if not for the guidance of my personal trainer Mike Luepke and Valeo Personal Training. Not only is Mike my trainer, he has also become a very good friend.”


“During our first time together, Mike got to know a lot about me and my journey thus far. We talked about food, exercise and goals. And our second meeting was all about fitness – I never worked so hard in all my years. I was hooked! I am stronger now then I have ever been. I have tried (with much success, I might add) many new and challenging routines for a mature woman of my age (58). Mike has been a motivator, drill Sargent (when necessary), but most of all, a friend. A friend who cares about  me and my health together. I look forward to our 5:00am Tuesday workout time and plan to do so until the good Lord tells me otherwise. Thanks, Mike and Jessica for all you do!”


“I am happy to be a client of Valeo Training and to work with Mike.  His sense of humor and genuine interest in my progress keep the sessions enjoyable.  I appreciate his professional knowledge and ability to motivate and push just enough to get me to achieve results I didn’t know I could!  Also, his flexibility in scheduling really helps in that sometimes I have a crazy life that gets in the way.  I truly feel my whole life has become better since working with Mike.”


“Earlier this year, I realized that I really needed to get up and get moving.  I was 31 and had never really worked out before…even just walking into the gym felt awkward.  I asked at the front desk if they had any Personal Trainers available to train a beginner…and they pointed me to Jessica.  I was immediately impressed by her Bio that she had at the gym. I knew when I met Jessica for the first time that she was the one who could help me add exercise to my life. I meet with Jessica 3 times a week when I can and she motivates me every step of the way.  During the first couple of weeks, she even sat me down to talk about nutrition and how to lead a healthy life. When we are working out and Jessica sees that I am struggling, she is always there to give encouraging words.  She pushes me to do more than I ever thought possible and even does some of the workout with me. I have gained more strength and confidence every day – she inspires me to live a healthy life…and to get moving!!!”

~ Jen

“Jessica was able to provide a solid program which has met my goals and then some.  In races, I am aware I have a better ability on hills and around corners, am less prone to tripping and can handle uneven road surfaces better due to increase core strength. Jessica’s fun and motivating.  Laughter is as much a part of the hour as working out.”

~ Kathy

“Although I make it a point to run and workout almost everyday, I certainly lacked the discipline and knowledge I needed to increase my core strength, balance, and running stride.  Jessica has done a great job encouraging and pushing me to do all of the workouts that I would try to avoid when I was on my own schedule. She certainly is disciplined in her approach, as well as thorough in her evaluation before we started this program.  I have much better balance, core strength, flexibility, as well as upper body strength.  Jessica is very upbeat and most of all makes the session fun for her, while she makes me do another set of lunges!”

~ Ted

“I really enjoyed working with Jessica. It was especially important to work with someone knowledgeable while I was rehabilitating my knee after arthroscopic surgery.  Jessica helped me build up strength and flexibility with workouts that were interesting and varied. She knew it is important to me to get the most out of my exercise time, so I loved that we worked multiple parts of my body with every exercise. I feel like I am back where I was before my knee surgery.”

~ Kathie

“I’m really benefiting from my time with Jessica. Up front, she listened well to my goals and customizes my workouts accordingly. Because I don’t want to get “bored” with exercise, she challenges me with all kinds of workouts that I’ve never done before. I hardly ever do the same exercise twice! I can most definitely see & feel the results of my efforts. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.”

~ Brian

“I first started working with Jessica nearly 3 years ago in a circuit class offered through my employer.  Today I’m still hooked!  Mike now teaches the class I’m in and I also worked with him along with another co-worker for personal training sessions early last summer.  I appreciate the approach both Mike and Jess have to fitness and they certainly push me harder than I would ever push myself on my own and I’ve definitely seen results.  I told someone recently that I think I’m stronger now than I was in college, which is a great feeling as I get closer to turning 40.”


“Before I started with Jessica, I was in pretty pathetic shape.  My vitals had been climbing somewhat, particularly my cholesterol, and of course my weight was stuck WAY too high.  But one specific problem I had at the time was my knees.  One in particularly was getting so bad, that I was starting to think that I might not be able to stay in my 2-story house.  Stairs, particularly in the mornings and evenings, were just getting to be too much.  I even wore out the elbow in my bathrobe leaning on the wall on my way down in the mornings.

Now, what can I say?  I’m no longer leaning on the wall, and in fact, don’t walk up the stairs, I RUN up them!   I run up the double-flight at work and I’m not the least bit winded.  The things I can accomplish now just amaze me, considering where I was a year and half ago.

Oh, and my vitals?  Last check, my cholesterol was 151.  I’ll take that!  Any my blood pressure, which was just starting to get a little high, is in beautifully healthy ranges.”