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About Us

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Valeo (vuh-lay-oh) is Latin and means “have strength, have power, be effective” and that is exactly what we work to achieve in our members! We are the only gym on 8th street in beautiful downtown Holland, and the only one to partner with Hope College, to have its trainers featured in Prevention Magazine & in a regular column in the Holland Sentinel, and to be considered a customized fitness gym offering Semi-Private training for every member. Learn More


Valeo / Training exists to help you find and fine-tune your inner athlete. Among other benefits, our memberships include weekly Semi-Private sessions with a personal trainer. Each workout program is customized just for you and changes every 4-6 weeks as your fitness progresses. How cool is that?!  Learn more about The Valeo, The More Valeo-er, and The Most Valeo-est Packages.

What Our Members Say

“I started realizing I had a new emotional release or way to de-stress and forget about everything else but the next 8 reps or 30 seconds, a way to feel good about myself. I finally was physically feeling better. I had shed a lot of weight with diet alone, but I didn’t feel any better – if anything I felt weaker and grouchier and more stressed. Exercise with Valeo is what changed that.”

-Jason Read More Testimonials